Another hours question - calling early risers

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Another hours question - calling early risers

Postby NewHere » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:03 am

I'm starting work soon, and am trying to figure out how to do it efficiently.

Working at the same firm last summer, I got the impression that most people got in at about 9 or 9.30, and then left as late as work required, which might be as early as 5 or as late as midnight or later.

I'm an early riser, and if I had to be in the office for, e.g., 12 hours, and if it were entirely up to me, I would prefer to be there from 7 to 7, rather than 9 to 9 or 10 to 10. However, as a new associate I think the deal is that you are supposed to be there whenever the partners you're working for need you, and if they work 9 to 9, you can come in as early as you like, but you will have to be there until 9 pm anyway. If this is the case, coming in at 7 would result in a (needless) 7 to 9 workday.

Does anyone have any advice to offer on this point? Would it be best to start getting used to a later schedule, adjusting to the schedule of the majority (and having free time, if any, in the morning rather than evening), or would it be OK to leave earlier than most other people if they knew you also got in early?


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Re: Another hours question - calling early risers

Postby LurkerNoMore » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:17 am

This is a tough one to navigate. There are two schools of thought on this, and I've seen both work. One is to fit in for at least the first 6 months -- show you are a team player and establish relationships. Then start adjusting your schedule. The other is set up your schedule from the beginning. Demonstrate through your work that you are available when you need to be (will work late when you need to) and that you can still bill the hours required.

Which approach is better will depend a lot on your firm. If it's the firm you summered at you should have a pretty good sense of face time requirements. Things to think about -- how are seating arrangements done? Are you near the people you will be working with? Will they see whether or not you are sitting at your desk on a regular basis? Do the partners you work with wander in to see if you are there in the evenings? Do the partners and senior associates you work with prefer to communicate in person, or are they the email/phone types?

It is certainly more risky to establish your own schedule, but for some people it worth it.

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Re: Another hours question - calling early risers

Postby paratactical » Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:15 am

The associates I know who would prefer an early schedule who are smart have simply figured out which partners are also early schedule people and try to be on their cases as frequently as possible.

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