Tell a firm it is your first choice?

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Re: Tell a firm it is your first choice?

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:08 pm

Anonymous User wrote:not OP here but thought i'd post in this thread -- seemed like the thread got a little derailed. Not talking about telling an interviewer, or stating in a cover letter. This is after the callback.

I really want to send a thank you to the recruiting coordinator (she knows where else I've interviewed) to let her know that the firm is my top choice. If I am going to get dinged anyways, it won't make a difference. If I am going to get an offer, it also won't make a difference. My thought is that if I am borderline, perhaps this will help me get an offer.

Instead of a long email explaining why, I was thinking just keeping it simple and short: after an introductory thank you paragraph I'd simply tell them I would accept their offer if given one.

FYI, the callback was Thursday afternoon, so perhaps to soon?


Thanks TLS!

IMO, in your situation, I'd say it's too soon since you should at least give them a chance to offer you within whatever period they normally offer people. It might seem pushy, or desperate (at least if you don't clarify that you have other offers). But I'm also a 2L with a similar question so I don't know. I'd be curious what people think about the "if offered I will accept" strategy when it comes to firms with whom you almost know for certain you've been in a "hold" pile for weeks, and when you have other offers expiring. I've already sent a LOCI, but I was thinking of calling or e-mailing if it starts to get closer to my other offer's deadline.


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Re: Tell a firm it is your first choice?

Postby Peg » Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:15 pm

I literally told every firm I applied to that they were my first choice, and then I usually had 3-4 reasons to back it up. I brought up the first choice thing in my cover letter, interview, and thank you notes. It was probably not, strictly speaking, 100% truthful in every case, but it got me callbacks and a couple surprising offers.

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