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Re: Help your friendly TLS mod not bomb a screener interview

Postby vanwinkle » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:10 pm

rbgrocio wrote:Umm.... I did not think getting a job with a law firm your first year was THAT difficult. I think that getting a well-paid job with a firm is rare. I mean... not that many people get 2k a week their first year. But u can find a $$15-20/hr job at a firm your first year. No?

I just wanted to jump in and note that I attended a T14 and the only people I knew who got a firm job for 1L summer either 1) had already worked at that firm before (as a paralegal or somesuch) or 2) were clearly in the top 10% range after fall grades came out. Needless to say, I did not know that many who got 1L summer firm jobs.

Even firms that used to hire 1Ls have stopped. It's an easy cost-saving measure, since 1L summer jobs were always just a sort of subsidy to law students that they never wanted to pay in the first place except as a recruitment tool. Now that they've realized they can recruit well without 1L summer classes, most firms don't have them anymore.

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Re: Help your friendly TLS mod not bomb a screener interview

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:51 pm

Jessep wrote:Know your resume and be able to talk about your 1L summer job and 1L. They will ask you how you liked 1L, what classes you enjoyed, etc. It is always good to be positive throughout the entire interview.

Be able to articulate why you went to law school, any particular interests (though it is PERFECTLY OK to not know what type of law you want to practice), and why this particular firm. To answer the last question, I would state the reasons for my interest in the particular market, and then focus on firm specifics. Be able to answer the question "tell me about yourself". In answering this, you should subtly plug why you are a good candidate (good undergrad, relevant work experience, interesting tidbit about yourself that is not too quirky). Also, be able to state your strengths and a weakness (though this is an uncommon question in my experience).

In terms of differentiating firms, focus upon the size of the summer class, practice groups, partner/associate ratio, firm reputation and look at the firms marketing materials. How do they run their summer program? Be able to spin why each particularity in a positive light (e.g. low partner/associate ratio means more interaction with partners, larger summer class can mean getting to know more people, small class can mean more intimate setting, etc.).

Look at your interviewer's bio and try to find something to talk about. Don't be creepy about stalking them, but feel free to ask about anything on their bio.

Have questions for the interviewer. Go in with more than you might need in case they leave a lot of room for questions. Read their website first so you do not ask questions that can be answered by reading their website (e.g. ask about mentoring program for the summer, how they assign projects over the summer, whether you can rotate between departments, etc. but this info is often available on their website). Questions unlikely to be on the website might be something like, why did you choose X firm, ask them to describe the work environment or personality that they look for in incoming associates, or the amount of client interaction they have and at what point an associate begins to interact with clients. You can also ask them how they typically staff a case/transaction (1 partner, 10 associates? 1 partner, 2 associates?).

In terms of dress, go conservative. If you are unsure if it is appropriate it probably is not. Look the interviewer in the eye, arrive early so you aren't sweating, sit up straight and you can check your breath. Smile, and be charming. If you are introverted suck it up and pretend like you are meeting your hero. You should be excited about each and every interview.

Bumping this useful post!

Also a question- for those of us that will be doing around 20 interviews in a week during OCI, how in the world does one keep track of all of this firm specific info? I'm terrified I'll get mixed up with another firm and say something that sounds completely stupid..

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