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Meet the Employer Tips

Postby dougroberts » Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:54 pm

I am going to a meet-and-greet the employer reception for the firms participating in OCI. However, I always hate these events and have difficulty starting up conversations due to nervousness. I am quite introverted.

What are some tips to stand out at such a reception, especially since it will be days before OCI starts for me?

I understand that learning as much about the firms beforehand would be beneficial, but what else? And also, please help with any tips for introverted people particularly. Thanks


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Re: Meet the Employer Tips

Postby olderlawyer » Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:08 pm

Even though I'm a lawyer and have been one for years, I don't like mingling either. It is very very important, though, and it is a skill you must learn. There are tons of books on the topic generally, but I try to force myself, through a pep talk I give myself, to look people in the eyes, smile, offer a hand to shake and introduce myself and welcome them to (in this case) the campus. Try to do that, and also give them your year and where you're from originally. That is an awful assignment, I realize, but it will break the ice and it will put the person to whom you do it in the position of needing to continue the conversation. It sort of forces them to start on a topic and it will be a topic they choose so then you can just follow. A silly hint but smile all the way through the evening, as artificial as it may feel, and make lots of pleasant smiling eye contact.

You will be fine if you approach it as an assignment and do these sorts of truly practical but effective things. And look on the 'net for more ways for a shy person to "work a room". It needn't be law-specific advice to be helpful. Once you learn a few tactics you will be able to practice them as you do a moot court argument.

Good luck.

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