How important is 1L summer job?

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Re: How important is 1L summer job?

Postby Mich33 » Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:58 pm

Matthies wrote:
Mich33 wrote:
Matthies wrote:And that was back in 2007. :P What was the number i just saw the other day, sub 50% offer rate for 2L SAs this summer.

OP take this freaking job, keep in conaact over the summer and come back and work your ass off. Just becuase the firm you pratice at over 1L summer does not do waht you want to do does not mean the lawyers you are working for don't know people who do.

And for the love of god people do some freaking research about what lawyers do/get jobs. This is scary to see all these threads, I bet everyone one of you could arrtle off to me all top 50 law schools in oder, but have no clue what lawyers actaully do or how they do it. If you have decied on a law school that, and geting that, should be the thing you research more than anything else. Its like people stop doing research on a profesion they want to enter as soon as they pick a school and just think the rest just sort of happens. It don't folks.

I have done my research and I've worked in this firm for 2 years so I do know what lawyers do (hence my desire to enter the legal profession). I just didn't know if taking a job at a firm would reduce my chances of being hired elsewhere after graduation. The bolded is great advice but there was no need for the little rant at the end.

The little rant at the end is for other people reading this thread who have not done what you have done.

K. Sorry! : )

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Re: How important is 1L summer job?

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jul 28, 2010 7:11 pm


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