Canadian law student wanting to work in UN or other IOs

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Canadian law student wanting to work in UN or other IOs

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:13 pm

Hi all,

I'm a 1L at one of top Canadian law schools.

I want to work at an international organization after my degree. Information is scant and I would appreciate any advice. For a start, I have two questions.

Q1. How do American JDs apply for positions at UN, WTO, or other IOs? Do students who are interested in working at IOs do summer internships at IOs for 2L summer? Do grades matter? My first choice is WTO since my primary interest is international trade law, but I found that the number of full-time lawyers at legal affairs dept is less than 10 and they don't recruit unless there's a vacancy and they tend to prefer Europeans. So, I'm more thinking about UN, WB, or other IOs, including international non-profits for trade, social justice, environment, and development. I've found some internship opportunities for 1L, but most of them were non-paid, and decided to work at a public interest law firm in Canada instead.

Q2. I will have an opportunity to go for an exchange at GWU in DC, which I plan to do. How can I take advantage of this opportunity? Talking with relevant professors and getting good grades are probably obvious, but something else? How can I do network as an exchange student?

A little bit of my background
My grade is above average - nothing special. After getting the JD degree at a Canadian law school, I will be qualified to take the bar exam in NY, which I plan to take. I speak two languages fluently with two more at the intermediate level if it helps. I have several years of work experience as a researcher for public interest and social justice.

I will provide more information if necessary.

Thank you very much, folks!!

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