C/O 2008 U.S. News Clerkship data posted

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Re: C/O 2008 U.S. News Clerkship data posted

Postby TTT-LS » Fri May 07, 2010 5:18 pm

For purposes of data verification, here's the internal NU clerkship list for the c/o 2008. This list includes only c/o 2008 graduates who secured art. III clerkships that began in 2008. There are no clerkships from classes other than c/o 2008 included, and there are no clerkships secured by the c/o 2008 that started after 2008 included (i.e., if a c/o 2008er got a 2010-11 clerkship, it has been excluded). [Edit: I've checked - none of the district clerkships below were with magistrates]. Graduating class size is, IIRC, about 270.

26 total art. III clerkships.

Circuit: Gorsuch (10); Tatel (DC); Sykes (7); Niemeyer (4); Lipez (1); Murphy (8?); Gibson (8?); Norris (6); Hardiman (3); Tallman (9); Staff Attorneys (7) (I was unsure as to whether this counts as art. III - if it doesn't, then obviously adjust the # accordingly).

District: Zagel, McDade, Kenelly, Aspen (N.D. Ill.); Walker (N.D. Ca.); Hall (D. Conn); Cleland, Ludington (E.D. Mich.); Marrero (S.D.N.Y.); Carr, Zouhary (N.D. Ohio); Caputo (M.D. Pa.); Clark (E.D. Tex.); Pechman (W.D. Wa.); Crabb (E.D. Wisc.).

26/270 = 9.6%. Very consistent with the 9.4% reported. I'm guessing my denominator of 270 was a bit low, and that the true # of grads is closer to 275. So while other schools are clerarly gaming their numbers--intentionally or not--Northwestern is not.

Notably, the 9.6% figure above increases substantially when you add in foreign supreme court, state supreme court, specialty court, and other clerkships. It also grows as to art. III clerkships if you include clerkships the c/o 2008 got for terms beginning in years other than 2008--such as a SCOTUS clerkship with Sotomayor.

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Re: C/O 2008 U.S. News Clerkship data posted

Postby Anonymous User » Fri May 07, 2010 5:35 pm

i can confirm that UVA had 48 students from the class of 2008 clerking in the 2008-2009 term at the federal article III level (i.e. district court + CoA only), which is basically spot on (11.8% reported) once you consider the graduating class size w/ transfers.

like ttt-ls, that means no alumni clerks (i.e. c/o '08 who clerked later or earlier grads who clerked in '08)

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