What big firm should I work at?

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Re: What big firm should I work at?

Postby Xnegd » Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:54 pm

Anonymous User wrote:Semi-obnoxious post but I could really use some suggestions. I went to law school with no real plan except to work my ass off and get good grades. I am planning to work for a big firm immediately following school, unless I clerk for a year. Regardless, OCI is in a few months. I go a 10-20 usnwr school. I am squarely in the top 5% of my class. I want to practice in California. Areas I am considering pursuing are M&A, corporate litigation, copyright/soft IP/entertainment. Basically I would like to work with companies as opposed to banks. My other main considerations are working at a stable firm that will pay me well, and avoiding being around total douchebags/backstabbers as much as possible. I am not really concerned with firm prestige for its own sake, though of course I appreciate it for resume value.

I need to make like 50 bids this summer for interviews and the amount of firms I know the name of is more like 15.

You need to work at my firm of course! Why? Because if I bring in a new attorney I get 5K, and can finish paying off my Undergraduate Loans!

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Re: What big firm should I work at?

Postby BradyToMoss » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:27 pm

TTT-LS wrote:Not credited. You have a few weeks in which to improve your 1L grades. When that door shuts, it shuts for good. Use the time now exclusively to study as hard as you can. Then, when exams are over, switch gears & start thinking about OCI. While research is definitely useful, there is PLENTY of time after exams are over to do what you need.

At this point if you haven't looked at shit, wait until the summer of course. But in general (perhaps for next year's 1Ls), you have plenty of time during 2nd semester to start taking a look around at firms, and it's a wise thing to do. If anything, learning about firms and figuring out which ones I may want to work at only served as further motivation to hit the books and do well 2nd semester.

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