IP boutique v. IP dept. in BigLaw

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IP boutique v. IP dept. in BigLaw

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:22 am

I'm a 1L at T-20 law school and was fortunate enough to get summer associate position at
big IP boutique firm (more than 100 attorneys). FYI, I have BS/MS in EE and 4 years of working experience.

How do you guys compare IP boutique firm v. IP dept. in Biglaw in terms of career prospect?

I know it would be more prestigious working in BigLaw; on the other hand, I might be switched to
other areas when there are not many IP cases, and that's the thing that I really worry about.

I'll be attending Loyola patent program, and am kind of curious whether I have to bid for IP boutique firms or
some BigLaw that has respectful IP department.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance

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Re: IP boutique v. IP dept. in BigLaw

Postby Georgiana » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:40 pm

Something to consider is what will happen if IP becomes slow for some reason. In a boutique its hard to compensate, if you're at a firm that doesn't have strict departments (e.g. a firm with a free market system) you'll be able to compensate by taking on some work in an area that is busy (if you're doing IP lit it's not hard to switch over and do some regular lit or antitrust work). You often have better partnership chances at a boutique firm though.

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Re: IP boutique v. IP dept. in BigLaw

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:21 pm

I have been having this same internal debate, prestige v. what i (think) like. The work looks at least as, if not more, interesting at IP boutiques (or larger firms that specialize in IP law - are these boutiques?). In addition, I generally have liked the people better that I have met from IP heavy firms. I also have a hard science background, fwiw.

Also, two different exclusively IP firms have stated they had their best financial year ever last year. If this a general trend that IP houses are doing better overall than GP firms, or is this anecdotal?

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