1L summer program, 6 or 8 weeks?

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1L summer program, 6 or 8 weeks?

6 weeks. Get your ass out of their sight before you screw up big time.
go for 8. More money/experience and it's not gonna hurt your chance at 2L offer.
Doesn't matter. Do whatever you want.
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1L summer program, 6 or 8 weeks?

Postby lawbuddha » Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:26 pm

The firm I'll be summering at has a 6-8 week program. From the conversation I got the sense that they want you to do 6 weeks but would also be fine if you want to do 7 or 8. What would you do? btw, I'm not splitting and plan to spend the rest of the summer relaxing with my long distance spouse.

- 6 weeks would allow me to spend 4 weeks instead of 2 in Europe since I have to be back to states by the end of July. More importantly it would allow me to make fewer mistakes on the job and hopefully get an offer to come back 2L. If most SAs leave in 6 weeks, I don't want to be the few who sticks around and gets all those nice attentions.

- 8 weeks, ugh, means an extra $6000 income. I have 3 partners in mind that I want to work for and 6 weeks seems a bit tight to cover all 3.


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