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Summer Corporate Jobs

Postby emoticons777 » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:11 pm

I keep hearing that corporate jobs are a good option to at least consider in the summer job search, but actually searching for these jobs seems to be difficult. Any tips on how exactly to find (or even search for) a summer job at a company?

So far I have searched Fortune for all the companies in my target area; however, none have any legal postings (it would kind of be weird if they did). As that seems to be normal, would you just send your resume to the HR department and hope they pass it onto the legal department?

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Re: Summer Corporate Jobs

Postby Aeroplane » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:25 pm

Our Career Services keeps a directory of in-house corporate depts organized by state. Check w/your school to see if they have something similar. Else, think of the large companies headquartered in your area and contact them to see if they hire 1L summer clerks.

Or use the drop down menu at this link to find Fortune 500 companies headquartered in your area. Legal depts are usually at company headquarters.

I've also been pointed to this site by CS & told that registration is free and it's a good resource for finding in-house dept info, but haven't used it myself.

Edit: sorry, didn't read the OP carefully. I wouldn't just send to HR and hope they pass it on, but I'd call/email and ask for the appropriate contact for Legal.

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