Trademark Law Questions

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Trademark Law Questions

Postby biglawhopeful88 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:10 pm


I'm looking at other fields of law (just in case), and I was wondering if trademark law is a good field to get into. I know it falls under IP law, so I was wondering:

1. Do you have to have a background in engineering like you do for patent law? I'm guessing marketing may be useful for trademarks, but would something more "intellectual" like finance or accounting be fine as well?

2. Does prestige matter a whole lot in these areas like it does for biglaw? I somehow never do well on standardized testing, so I'm not sure if my LSAT will cut it for the T14, so in case the T14 doesn't work out, can you still do well in this field?

3. I hate to ask this, but is there an opportunity to make big money (to me, big is 150k+ after getting experience) in trademark law? I keep reading how people hate BigLaw, and if my summer job taught me anything, its that doing something you hate is not worth it no matter how much you earn, so I don't want to go into BigLaw and be miserable. I'm not expecting to earn as much in trademark as BigLaw, but are opportunities there if you're decent?

4. Finally, is the work in trademark law somewhat interesting? I know a lot of people complain about being a lawyer in general, but people seem to particularly hate BigLaw, so is trademark law any more interesting, or does it still blow?


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Re: Trademark Law Questions

Postby mhd08 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:28 pm


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Re: Trademark Law Questions

Postby underdawg » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:44 am

1. no. in firms i've interviewed with, they've said that IP work is open to everyone. of course, without a tech background, you won't want to wade into patents, but you can do trademarks. that's what they say anyway. (they also all said that their firms had great qualities of life, including the ones firing people left and right)

2. yes. at least in biglaw firms that do trademark work. there must be smaller firms that do trademarks. there are also smaller firms that do general commercial litigation, smaller antitrust suits, smaller white-collar matters, smaller M&A deals...not sure why you think trademark and biglaw fit one way in a venn diagram. too bad i can't draw them here to explain to you. wah wah

3. yes. but big trademark matters will go to biglaw firms. maybe ip boutiques or something. there are white collar boutiques too. and smaller firms that do everything biglaw firms do, but smaller. so yeah.

4. who freaking knows. but again biglaw covers mostly general commercial/securities litigation in the litigation side but also antitrust, copyrights, patents, white collar, etc.

so yeah i don't think you understand what biglaw is. "biglaw" is not a subject matter. it is the size of the firm...and deal with the same subject matter as boutiques but bigger

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