Local LSAT tutor listings

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Would you ever use a tutoring service like this on TLS (as a tutor or a student)?

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Local LSAT tutor listings

Postby expat » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:13 pm

This isn't so much a "submission" as a general outline, but I think this site badly needs a directory of posters who offer tutoring services. It would require some infrastructural changes, but here are a few ideas I had:

1) A section could be added to the user control panel for members interested in tutoring, where they could input/upload things into standardized fields (city/zip, rate, LSAT score, etc) as well as free-form fields (description of services, experience/qualifications, special deals/promotions for TLS members, etc). Maybe they could even upload PDFs of their official score report to add legitimacy to their posting, although this may be something to put off until the basic functionality is tested and future versions are released. Alternatively, a special user account class for tutors could be created that members would maintain in addition to their personal profile, although I like the idea of leaving the two integrated so that things like post history remain a part of the tutor's profile and therefore a de facto qualification.

2) This data could be aggregated in a way similar to the current admissions data, only instead of graphs it would have a specialized search function that allowed viewers to see the profiles of members offering tutoring in their area. If you wanted to get all fancy with it, this could even be driven by a map UI, although that's certainly not necessary.

3) Tutor profiles (either as a subset of their primary account profile or as a standalone) would have a forum thread-like element where members who had used their services could rate them and post comments/reviews, leaving valuable feedback that would be visible to viewers browsing the listings.

4) Rather than posting direct contact information, which can sometimes put tutors at risk of spam/scammers and other nefarious Craigslist-dwellers, prospective students would first contact the tutor by PM. This makes the process safer for both parties.

5) Depending on popularity, tutors could even organize group sessions and post meeting times in their profile, providing a collective purchasing element and therefore further discount that other services like Craigslist make difficult to impossible.

I personally would have loved this feature back when I was studying for the LSAT, and now that I'm a tutor I would love to be able to connect with TLS-goers in my area looking for help. This is intended to be a brainstorming exercise, so please do leave comments if you have ideas for ways to expand or improve upon this model. Try to keep it realistic though so that we have a shot at making this into a workable proposition.



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Re: Local LSAT tutor listings

Postby ecrew » Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:42 am

although that it seams like a lot of work, this is a great idea. It's harder than people think to get a tutor that matches up well with the student. Especially in Tri-State area. People would have you believe that the only good tutors are in NYC.

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