2.74 gpa : ( What LSAT score do I need?

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Re: 2.74 gpa : ( What LSAT score do I need?

Postby dailygrind » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:44 pm

Miracle wrote:
Yoquiero wrote:
savagedm wrote:I got an 80 on the LSAT with that GPA... Adcoms were so baffled that Yale, Harvard, and Stanford all offered me full rides.

Part of me thinks it should work that way. a 2.7/180 is somehow more impressive than a 3.9/180... in a sick twisted way :lol:

People do go through unusual circumstances that influence their grades.

Think about it this way....would you rather accept someone that was exposed to a domestic violence/drugs/economic hardship/sexual assault situation/s causing them to have bad grades…managed to get themselves together pull a 4.0 in couple of semesters, pull 180 on the LSAT, or would you rather have someone that had no unusual circumstances that affected their grades managed to get 3.8, and 173 on the LSAT? I would pick the first one, because it showed courage, maturity, dedication, etc.

It's a rough guess, but I don't think that accounts for more than 1/5 of all high LSAT splitters.

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