What's Up With Cornell Law?

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Re: What's Up With Cornell Law?

Postby babaghanouj » Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:07 pm

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Re: What's Up With Cornell Law?

Postby Drummingreg » Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:13 pm

GeePee wrote:
kurama20 wrote:
dbt wrote:So let me get this straight: the two reasons Cornell has lower entering class stats are

(a) Ithaca
(b) Degree of studying required

I can understand that then. It just seems like people would rather be at tiny Cornell which places well for most of the class than big Georgetown which might place less well if you're below the median.

A lot of people on here don't realize it for some reason ( what am I saying, it's because most people on here don't hang out with normal people) but GULC's lay prestige is massive. I've said it time and time again but people on here just don't realize how prestigious GULC is to the layman. I was talking to this guy in the honors program at my school the other day, and he has a 3.97 and is aiming for the Rhodes, and he said his top choices for law school were: HYS and GULC. He did not mention any other schools. He said that he was interested in "international law". I told him to add NYU to his list and he asked me if that was a good law school. I told him yes and he said he would use it as a "backup" to HYS and GULC.
I told him about my LSAT prep course teacher who scored a 175 and was going to UVA, he asked my why he was "only" going to a school like UVA with that score. He was puzzled why my teacher didn't go to GULC with that score.

The main reason GULC has such high numbers is because of their lay prestige. They have LSAT range not too far below NYU and they have a decent GPA range; all with a class size of over 500. To lay people the rankings are something like this.

3. GULC/Columbia

I know that to a lot of URMs it goes like this

2. Columbia/Stanford/GULC

Did you seriously just describe women as "lay people"??? That's fucking awesome.

I'm so using that joke at bar review.

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Re: What's Up With Cornell Law?

Postby studymaster » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:07 pm

EmmyD wrote:
Also it is an IVY with world-class facilities.

Who gives a shit if it's an Ivy? It's just a sports league... a really bad sports league.


Granted, I'm a lowly 1L, but I've had the ivy status brought up in all three interviews I've had. And the name goes a long long ways if you are interested in a different market (I cant speak to big cities, I dont particularly care for them)


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Re: What's Up With Cornell Law?

Postby NY88 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:24 pm

Yeah and a couple of them Ivy hockey players are wearing Olympic Gold medals around their necks.

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Re: What's Up With Cornell Law?

Postby Total Litigator » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:00 pm

Necro! ...sorry... But yeah, interesting factoid, I know a judge's office that put's all the clerkship applications from Ivy students in a separate "special" pile. If you are from somewhere like UVA, Michigan, or Duke you are out of luck lolol. I'm sure this isn't typical though... The judge was hella old school...

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