Degree GPA vs. Cumulative GPA?

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Re: Degree GPA vs. Cumulative GPA?

Postby playhero » Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:36 pm

sherman wrote:
playhero wrote:
hous wrote:
playhero wrote:I hate this and 99% of other gpa questions. This is asked every day, cant you people put any effort into law school research. If you can't then you really shouldn't be going to law school due to the current financial risk.

Couldn't this be a form of unofficial research???

I hate seeing these questions too, but cant fault them.

Lets look at some realities here. Op is posting about the most abundant question asked. If op can not answer this question, by some form of search what hope dose op have navigating the stormy waters of law school life? Surely op can not ask every question he has in the form of a thread topic. Nor can all the other people who make such threads. Given the realistic complexity of safely navigating law school, if op can not answer this question without a thread topic and can/dose not post a topic on every question he has; then what realistic shot dose op have at coming out of law school in a good position.

It's true that perhaps op is a lock at Yale, Black/180 lsat/4.0 GPA/Cured Cancer in spare time once he got home from single-handedly building Chinas economy/ Is Yale ug and his father is Supreme Court Justice Thomas. If it was the case that op is a lock at a t-14, I do not find it likely he would be asking such a question. If op is not a t-14 lock then he needs to make sure he navigates those waters correctly.

I would hope that this site encourages people in a way that makes them succeed better at law school. Giving people supper basic information and then turning them away dose not seem the best way to achieve that goal.

I like law and looking at past bars online and working out the IRAC method. This site is mostly gossip and hearsay and many personalities just poking fun at each other. I feel sorry for anybody who wants to come here as a primary source of information regarding anything about the law.

We are just a slightly better version of xoxo, and if taken in the correct context, like a Howard Stern show, this site is really hilarious.

A big reason for this is threads like this. You can actually get a ton of good factual advice about law school here. It's true though many people who do not understand shit gossip a lot. In any even we can cover much more complex stuff even if it should be independently verified.

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Re: Degree GPA vs. Cumulative GPA?

Postby playhero » Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:38 pm

meg wrote:
waywedo wrote:To post a serious reply, I'm pretty sure that if the difference between cumulative and degree GPA is very big (.5+), it will make some difference in borderline situations.

For example, a law school might be evaluating two candidates with 3.3 cumulative GPAs, but if one has a Degree GPA of 3.8 and the other one 3.3, they'll probably go with the 3.3/3.8 person, all else being equal.

Just to further add onto this, not that I think it will help the OP but I do think in some cases if the difference is great enough they will take it into account. I attend a Canadian university and the difference between an A and a B can be as little as 1%. Thus according to LSAC calculations as I understand it, the difference between a 79 and an 80 in a class can be the difference of 3.0 or a 4.0.

This is true of many Americana schools as well. Though it is not as common as the -/+ system.

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