Can University of Phoenix Grads Get Into Law School?

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Re: Can University of Phoenix Grads Get Into Law School?

Postby TTTLS » Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:27 am


Yes. Dude introduced himself to the entire class at the beginning of the year as a graduate of 'The Prestigious University of Phoenix'.

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Re: Can University of Phoenix Grads Get Into Law School?

Postby Oklahoma2014 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:46 am

The claim that Phoenix has easy admissions applies to many universities once you are an adult, at least in my state. If you are over 21, the same admissions standards do not apply and it is much easier to get accepted.

I looked into Phoenix several years ago but passed because of cost. What they offered that interested me was primarily a schedule that fit around my full time job. A few years later when I finally returned to school I discovered that many public schools in my state offered online, self-paced, weekend, and fast track courses geared towards adults. OU even offers 100% online degrees geared towards military personnel, though the program is open to anyone. That took away the appeal of Phoenix for me. Would I rather have OU on my degree or Phoenix? May not matter outside my state, but it matters here.

I ended up not completing the Phoenix or the OU online degree, but I did complete around half my courses online through a CC. I can tell you, online does not mean easier. While some of the courses lacked traditional testing, they were heavy on writing. Which I think can be a good thing, versus memorizing a ton of information just to pass a test.

All just my opinion. I would go to Phoenix if I were a working adult and there were no public options in my area. Also would help the decision if your job was helping pay for it, which would have been the case for me and was for my friends that did take that route.

In regards to law school, most have something on their website listing UG institutions represented at their school. I see Phoenix on many of those lists, I think it's pretty common.

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