Volunteer Experience in Application

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Volunteer Experience in Application

Postby kchopz » Fri Nov 30, 2018 1:53 am

I'm working through the applications, and have a question.

I did a lot of volunteer sports coaching at local youth clubs in high school, college, and now during the couple years since I graduated college. Is this something I should include on my resume, and/or in my list of extracurriculars required for some of the applications? I just do it for fun because I like the sport I played in high school and college and like helping kids out, but I'm not sure it actually adds anything to my application. Should I include it to show that I'm not just watching Netflix and chilling after work, or exclude it because it doesn't really add to my application (unless you guys think it does)?

Also, a portion of the coaching I did in high school was specifically aimed at underserved populations as a kind of youth development program towards academic, athletic, and personal success. I also did a lot of mentoring in high school and college in non-sports settings. I do plan on applying for public service/interest scholarships, and my long-running mentoring experience/involvement might provide evidence of my interest in pursuing public service. However, including high school stuff on resumes of college graduates/graduate school applications just seems lame to me. Is my high school volunteering experience as a mentor something I should include to build a narrative,or exclude because it looks bad?

Thanks very much in advance!

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