C&F Room Check Deferred Probation

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C&F Room Check Deferred Probation

Postby chad2 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:36 pm

So I took the November LSAT, which meant I had to stay at my college suite a day longer than my suitemates, since dorms had closed for break on Friday. This meant that all my suitemates bedrooms were locked, with the common room, bathroom, and my roommate and my's bedroom being the only three accessible spaces. Before I left to go to break, I put a grinder which was out in the common room into our bedroom. This was in part because I had used the grinder in the past, in part so it wasn't out in the open during room checks. I learned today that the grinder was found during our bedroom check, and I will likely receive a deferred probation. This means that, provided I don't get into trouble for a given amount of time, nothing will go onto my academic record or transcript, and Vanderbilt treats it as "academic counseling" rather than disciplinary action.

Does this require an addendum? More generally, how serious is this? It's my first disciplinary issue to date (other than I guess parking violations) and I have a 3.75 at a T15 undergrad, 174 LSAT, for context.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: C&F Room Check Deferred Probation

Postby QContinuum » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:30 pm

I dug up one of my old law school applications, and the relevant C&F question provided, "[h]ave you ever been on academic probation or subjected to disciplinary action for scholastic or other reasons by any college, university, graduate school, or professional school you have attended? This should include matters that have been expunged. In addition to attaching a written explanation in the "Attachments" section of the application, kindly have the Dean or administrative officer in charge of student records forward a detailed explanation of the incident."

So, read the C&F questions in your school apps carefully. It's likely the schools you apply to will similarly request a written explanation, plus documentation from your college.

While I'm not a C&F expert by any stretch, IMO it's unlikely this will be a major hurdle in law school admissions. But you should be aware that, depending on which state(s) you're interested in practicing law in, a past history of marijuana use, especially as an adult, may be an impediment to your bar admission. Consult with a C&F attorney in your jurisdiction(s) of interest for more tailored advice.

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