'Above average' LSAC international student - write an addendum?

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'Above average' LSAC international student - write an addendum?

Postby privatemember2012 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:53 pm

Hi all,

Wanted your quick input on my situation as I prepare my applications for HYS CCN - I got an 'Above Average' LSAC rating for my UG results from Oxbridge and I'm wondering whether I should write an addendum? Essentially I received an 'Upper Second Class' overall result so narrowly off a 'First Class' that an additional 0.1% average (e.g, 67.5% to 67.6%) would have gotten me a 'Superior' rating. It was the highest physically possible 'Above Average' in essence. I was thinking that if I explain this particularity and then submit a 'Superior' rating for my LSE Masters result, this could help strengthen my application? Or would it just be seen as too minor of an update and hurt my chances?

Thanks a lot!


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Re: 'Above average' LSAC international student - write an addendum?

Postby QContinuum » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:16 pm

I wouldn't try to explain the Above Average rating - the rating's the rating, as unfair as it may be, and IMO it'd just turn adcoms off to have an applicant trying to tell them they're better than their LSAC rating. It'd be one thing if you had extenuating circumstances to explain (e.g., a family tragedy, a severe illness one semester), but I wouldn't write an addendum just to note the unfairness of LSAC's very crude rating system.

However, I would update schools with your Master's grades. I don't think it'd move the needle much, but it's a positive thing, and I think worth updating them about.

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