African's HYS Chances

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African's HYS Chances

Postby MRDREAMER » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:06 pm

I have a high 2:1 liberal arts degree (68% average) from the London School of Economics which Fulbright Commission says is about a 3.7 GPA. I still kill myself for losing discipline a lot and leaving my studying always to last minute at university, having been a perfectionist valedictorian-equivalent at high school. It seems LSAT will probably rate my GPA as Above Average.

I am actually training to be a solicitor in London doing the UK route of a Graduate Diploma in Law and Legal Practice Course, sponsored by a US biglaw firm's London office. Will be an associate for them in a couple years here in London but my dream is to move to the US either for law or business school, forge great social connections and settle down there for a career. Only interested in the top 3 law schools and top 7 business schools given the big short-term opportunity costs I will be suffering in lost savings and time out of the labour force.

What are the chances I can get into HYS? I am starting my LSAT studies now and hoping to take in October 2022 in time to matriculate when I'm 27. Yes it seems extremely long off to start practicing (I could be competing with some younger kids that are only entering college this fall and then taking the LSAT when they graduate in summer 2022), but my strategy is heavily dependent on getting around the 95th percentile of either LSAT or GMAT to compensate for my non-superior GPA. And still not sure whether to go for either US law or US business school so doing double the work load from now to become an expert at either test 4 years from now.

Yale stats especially on GPA are so crazy! But does anyone think I have a shot with a 3.7 applying for Harvard and Stanford, assuming I get a 170 to above (with ultimate dream being 175 and above)?

Will have soft skills of actual commercial legal work at a high level in a BigLaw firm overseas offices. Would collaborate on projects with T14 US law grads based in their US offices. Also hoping to do lots of volunteering, charity and get solid pro bono work on my CV while based in the UK legal industry.

And I am sub-Saharan African male born and raised, so hopefully that can get me some leeway; assuming that by 2022, Bret Kavanaugh and an all GOP-appointed Supreme Court haven't ruled Harvard is statistically discriminating against Asian-Americans with its diversity admissions.

A man can dream can't he?

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