Question pertaining to law school resume

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Question pertaining to law school resume

Postby max50gwsozl » Sun Aug 05, 2018 4:01 pm

So. I don't do traditional work. I make my living playing poker and pool. I haven't worked for someone for over 15 years. I have two undergrad degrees (history and mathematics) and three masters (political science, statistics and actuarial science). Not really sure how to explain what I do for a living or if I even should explain it on the resume. If I don't explain it on the resume, my only other jobs are pretty much entry level things like data entry from 15 years ago. My academics will stand out, however it seems like I should probably have some professional experience on there however I pretty much have nothing.

So should I add that I'm a semi-professional pool player & poker player, or leave it out?

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