DUI and GPA Discrepancy Addendums Help

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DUI and GPA Discrepancy Addendums Help

Postby Snivellus » Fri Jul 27, 2018 5:17 pm

Hey everyone,

I have a Misdemeanor DUI out of California from January 2016 and around the same time I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol (go figure) which resulted in a dramatic drop in my grades at a CC over the course of 2 semesters, no "F"s, just one "D" and the two lowest term GPA's of my academic career. The timeline matches up and I have documentation for the DUI. Shortly after being arrested, my grades drastically improved at the university I attended (first term back finished with a 4.33) and at the cc which I continued to attend simultaneously after the incident. All elements of sentencing are completed and this time next year I can have it expunged. Upon researching similar situations to mine, I have been seeing mixed messages and I would appreciate some advice.

1. Currently, I have two separate Addendums, one for the DUI and one for the GPA dip. They briefly mention the other as they are linked, but don't share anything verbatim. Should it just be one addendum merged, or is two appropriate?

2. I completed a court ordered DUI program that focused on abstaining from alcohol and mention this in my addendum for my DUI. Also mentioned is my experience with alcoholism and addiction as it runs heavily in my family to explain how I was aware that I had a problem. Is this tmi? I have been reading that admitting to substance abuse is usually a no go, regardless of any "I take responsibility and ownership..." mention. I made very sure to not make excuses or push a sob story, just evidence of my perspective and situation.

3. I'm aiming for strong regional schools in Northern CA, and am wondering how much this may or may not affect my chances at admission and/or money.

4. Aside from having to disclose, what should I expect when it comes to the Bar and my record?

Stats: 3.5/6 GPA and averaging 165 PT, aiming for 170 with progress, taking September LSAT. Solid LORs, interested in PI with ample experience working in the field. Graduated summa cum laude with a 3.86.

Sorry for the novel, any help is much appreciated.

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