Admission into UC Davis or UC Irvine

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Admission into UC Davis or UC Irvine

Postby pinkyzzz » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:37 am

My seat deposit for Hastings is due this Thursday (20th)... I have yet to hear back from Davis or Irvine. Status check for Davis still says "awaiting review" and Irvine didn't give a status check option (said they'll email if anything was missing).
I applied in February and I'm doubting the likelihood of getting in... is anyone else still waiting to hear back from them? (I've checked all email folders... haven't gotten waitlisted... just nothing so far)

Additionally, what are your thoughts on the effect of going to a university for your undergrad and then applying to their law school? Is there any significant weight they put on this that would be favorable?

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