170, 3.5 (3.3 @ 4 year/top 20), chem major

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170, 3.5 (3.3 @ 4 year/top 20), chem major

Postby LegalBiology » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:36 pm

So I spent my freshman year at community college and am graduating from a top 20 undergrad as a chemistry major. My overall gpa is 3.5 but my gpa at the top 20 is just a 3.3.

Do I have a shot at Duke, USC/UCLA/UCB, Georgetown? Or what is my best chance

Are law schools more forgiving on GPA for science majors? Do they care about my 4 year GPA or is my overall the only thing that matters

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Re: 170, 3.5 (3.3 @ 4 year/top 20), chem major

Postby ExperssioUnius » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:25 pm

Yes, schools tend to be more forgiving about GPA for science majors because one of the things admission departments look at is how your GPA compares to the average GPA of people at your school and in your major. How that will play out in your particular situation where you were at a T20 undergrad institution I cannot say. Thus, without knowing how your GPA compares to the people in your major, it is tough to give a confident answer regarding your chances. It also matters how each year at your T20 undergrad came out/did you have a rough first year there but an upward grade trend or were all three years about the same. Finally, it may matter how you did in your non-major courses. My hunch is that you are competitive for UCLA and USC, and probably for Georgetown but it might be a stretch of an application for Duke. Probably a reject for UC-Berkeley, especially as UCB tends to favor GPA a little more than the schools in its ranking area.

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