Non-traditional applicant LSAC academic summary report

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Non-traditional applicant LSAC academic summary report

Postby beginnersmind » Tue Apr 10, 2018 5:45 pm

I'm returning to complete my undergraduate degree after withdrawing ten years ago because of depression and addiction. I've been sober for nearly four years and hopefully seven by the time I apply. Mine is a before and after story. The first chapter of my college career includes a 3.27 cGPA after 60 credits. I barely went to class and even skipped some finals. I intend to work hard when I return and raise my grades significantly.

My question has to do with the LSAC academic summary. Does the first page only include cGPA and LSAT scores? It's important to me that law schools be aware of my grade trends. I understand the report includes ALL undergrad transcripts, but I hope they turn the first page if those grade trends can only be found deeper in the report. Does anyone know where I can find a sample summary?

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