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Postby Abinash230 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:56 pm

ok so I’m currently at a loss of what to do. I’m a junior in college and want to go into law school but my grades are actual shit. I’m currently a bio major but i feel lke I’ve reached a bump in my life (more like a pothole) thats made me realize that i would be much happier pursuing law over medicine. i think I’ve known for a while now that medicine really wasn’t my calling and one of the reasons I become a bio major was to please the people around me. I don’t know what to do. Everything I’ve been doing is bio based so far, including the volunteering, shadowing, and research I’ve been doing. ik that law schools look at grades and outside activities like volunteering and working when deciding on applicants. i also have to take my lsats and don’t know where to start in studying for it. i am naturally better at reading writing science etc than math and plan on making a strict study regimen for myself to study. when should i even apply to take the exam, when should I apply to law schools, what should i do with my summers, and should i retake the courses i got C’s and D’s in even tho they’re bio courses, what should i do if i get rejected, is there a high chance that i will get rejected? i feel lke I’m actually going through a midlife crisis right now even tho I’m only 21 years old. i really need some good advice on what to do. it’d be much appreciated.

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Postby Mrs Featherbottom » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:49 pm

Take a breath and spend some time reading stickied posts in the various forum topics (especially the admissions one). That'll answer most of your basic Qs and give you some space to think about whether law schools is actually a good choice for you.

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Postby totesTheGoat » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:22 pm

Abinash230 wrote: made me realize that i would be much happier pursuing law over medicine.

Do you know that you would prefer law, or are you just picking some other "prestigious" profession because you're disillusioned about medicine? In other words, what's gonna keep you from getting 2 years into law school and realizing that you are going to hate being a lawyer? Have you spent time in a law firm?

Why am I badgering you about this? Because a whole ton of law students get to their 2L or 3L years and realize that they really don't like law, but are now stuck because they've sunk $100k into a law degree.

Go to law school because you want to be a lawyer. Don't go to law school to run away from med school.


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Postby stativus » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:20 pm

I was pretty much in the same situation as you, I guess. I decided to go to law school the end of my junior year (so congrats you're already ahead of me). I was pre-med before that--took the freaking mcats and everything. Good news is you don't need a lick of law experience to get into a T14. The only (honest to god) 'law' experience I had was this silly 2 credit course (the typical course was 4 credits at my undergrad) where we wrote letters to prison inmates and talked about criminal justice. That's literally it. I knew no lawyers, I had no law softs, and I had zero work experience, even though I attended a university famous for its stellar co-op programs. I graduated as a bio major and everything (which, actually, is a bonus because having a hard science degree makes it easier to get into IP law). Don't worry. If you want law, you'll make it happen. I pretty much decided to go for it at the end of junior year, studied for the lsat over the summer, took it in sept, and then applied over thanksgiving break. If I were you, I'd spend the next couple months or so meeting with your school's pre-law adviser to figure out what's right for you.

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