Adding a Disc Addendum After the Fact?

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Adding a Disc Addendum After the Fact?

Postby ploeffler1 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:57 pm

Before I get into this, I want to fully recognize my stupidity in not disclosing this the first time around. My first couple law school applications didn't mention being cited and then I kind of went in auto pilot and assumed my no answer to criminal conduct there applied to all of them. Now I'm freaking out on whether to send something explaining this since it may eventually come up on the bar.

So long story short, when I was a junior in high school I was walking out of party to go to Whataburger when it was busted. The cops busting the party raided our car and had everyone get out and sit on the lawn while they searched the car and sent some people into the house. Anyways, when they searched his car they found his grinder and little pipe. Then when no one said it was their he wrote all seven people a possession ticket for the single pipe.After writing them all we had to call our parents to come get us(not fun). We weren't booked or anything like that. While all fairly cut and dry, but it got a little weird the next day. One of the girl's dads happened to be friends with that city's DA and asked him about. The DA thought it was kind of unnecessary to charge everyone for the driver's pipe and didn't really think it would. He threw out the non driver tickets and told that dad not to worry about it. I only know this because that dad called my parents and told them this. That was the end of it, I never received anything from the court house, never had to pay the fines, never had to talk to a lawyer, never was charged with anything as far as I am aware, and literally never had to do anything. I'm not sure if it was ever recorded honestly. I wish I still had the ticket to potentially try and search it, but I don't. This all seems a little bizarre I know, but that's how it happened so when I was filling these applications out I didn't think this really ticked a yes on that section of C&F.

After seeing some posts and looking into it seems like everyone says disclose everything just incase for the BAR. I know that now, definitely probably should've researched it then.

So basically my applications have been in for like two weeks and I'm now thinking I should write an addendum for the schools I applied that mention the word cited for something just incase. I don't really feel like I lied, never though the incident would affect admissions, but I would rather not be screwed for the C&F on the bar.

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