Contacting Admissions Officer When Submitting Application?

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Contacting Admissions Officer When Submitting Application?

Postby Spider21 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:06 am

I am in the midst of submitting my applications and had a question regarding contacting admissions officers.

I attended the LSAC Forum in Boston back in November and met with several representatives from various schools--many of these representatives gave me their business cards in case I had any questions/wanted to set up a visit/etc. Is it proper/worth emailing the admissions officer from my #1 school right after submitting the application to their school?

I do not harbor any expectations of the individual remembering me, but would it still look good/show that I am interested to reach out as I am submitting? I am not emailing with a specific question or to set up a visit, but am rather expressing my pleasure with being able to speak with them and that I am still very much interested in attending their law school. I did not send a follow up email immediately following the forum or anything, so I am not reinforcing an email contact I have already made.

I just wanted to see if it would look like groveling or something like that, or if it would have any impact at all. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!


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Re: Contacting Admissions Officer When Submitting Application?

Postby personpitch » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:05 am

I have no experience with this, but I would imagine the answer is something like "probably won't hurt, probably won't help."

The one case where it might ever-so-slightly help is if you are waitlisted or otherwise in a situation where demonstrating interest in the school is key. In such a case, it might be helpful that you've followed up after a campus visit with an email, as additional correspondence (submission of a letter of continued interest, etc.) would then be part of a history rather than freshly started after being waitlisted/put in that situation.

But, even if it won't help, it probably won't hurt, and so if you genuinely feel like you would like to like to express your pleasure with your visit (in a reasonable and non-overly eager way, ofc), then go for it. (It might be good to see if they have any stated policy on their website/email(s) sent after app receipt indicating their attitude toward non-essential email correspondence. If they explicitly say something like, "Please do not contact us except in the case of a significant update to app (e.g. updated resume)," then emailing them wouldn't be a good idea.)

Like I said though, someone with more knowledge might have different (and better) advice. Good luck on your applications and best of luck for your #1 choice! :D


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Re: Contacting Admissions Officer When Submitting Application?

Postby albanach » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:23 am

I think this will help most if you had what might be described as a meaningful interaction with them.

If you had some sort of conversation that they might remember, then you can use this to add a face and story to your application. If you can't remember anything interesting from your conversation, it's very unlikely that they will. In which case you move towards the won't hurt/won't help territory.

Folk - if you're attending a forum where you expect to meet admissions officers, try to have something to talk about so you can engage in conversation. And take notes so you remember afterwards the things you discussed. Then you can send an email alongside your application that actually has some value.

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