Can an incident report jeopardize big law/clerkships/or C and F?

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Can an incident report jeopardize big law/clerkships/or C and F?

Postby sarah_law2019 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:33 pm

First time poster here, long time reader.

Given that I have read some postings on here recently regarding character and fitness related issues, thought I would seek advice on this matter as well. And also inquire how this might impact Big law or internships.

I am a very conscientious student. I will graduate from my university December 2018. I have a 3.5 LSAC gpa and 179 LSAT score. Top 14 is reasonable with the statistics. My goal is Biglaw in either NYC or DC.

I dont have a record of any sorts (i.e. felony, misd., citation, complaint). I do however, have one incident report. My sister and I got into a heated argument. She stated I yelled at her and she thought I would throw something at her. No charge was made. However, on the local police website is an incident report pertaining to Domestic Violence - 2919.25. My sister even told me recently that she was sorry for exaggerating to police. The i report will never go away, but it never resulted in an arrest or charge and I have a clean record. Oh, and it will be 5.5 years that will have passed from incident when take the bar.

1). As far as C and F, even though they ask about arrests/convictions/accusations, I am still going to disclose this incident report, even if it doesnt apply. Would you guess and say this could allow me to not get through C and F?
2). Wont this incident r. effect internships/clerkships/big law opportunities, irregardless of a possible high law school ranking and gpa?

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Re: Can an incident report jeopardize big law/clerkships/or C and F?

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:01 pm

You've asked multiple variations of this question multiple times already, and received answers. You need either to accept those answers and move on, or consult a professional consultant if you're not satisfied with the answers here, but either way, you need to stop asking this question here (if you need followup on previous answers go back to one of those threads).

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