Character Fitness Addendum Question

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Character Fitness Addendum Question

Postby BobSaget22 » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:19 pm

As a junior in undergrad, my friends and I got in trouble for having a big party in our off-campus apartment. I had a small amount of LSD at the time and sold a few tabs to my friend who was at the party. My disciplinary record states that I violated the Code of Conduct for the party and for the drug sales. I'm writing my addendum now, and am wondering: should I say that it was LSD? Or just say something like 'illicit substance', 'recreational drug', etc.? Should I mention the amount that was sold? How specific should I be?

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Re: Character Fitness Addendum Question

Postby mcmand » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:30 pm

Being wishy-washy raises at least two problems: (1) it creates more questions in the mind of the person reading your application, as to why you're being vague and what the substance was; and (2) your law school application will be pulled by the bar admission authority in the state you intend to practice in when you apply for the bar exam/character and fitness application during your 3L year and beyond. They will compare your disclosures on your bar app to your law school app. Discrepancies and inconsistencies will be flagged and questioned.

Short version: whatever you put in your law school app should be the same essential facts as what you MUST put in your future bar application, which necessarily means disclosing that it was LSD.

Also, consider getting an attorney to help you with drafting this or at least consult with you about it. It sounds like you weren't criminally prosecuted, which is good for your future in general, but the conduct is still a problem, and I guess in theory you could still be prosecuted if the statute of limitations hasn't passed. There may be pitfalls here that are best addressed by a licensed attorney with expertise on bar discipline/admissions character and fitness.

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