Admission Chances for 3.85/163 (thinking retake)

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Admission Chances for 3.85/163 (thinking retake)

Postby ShepherdJoo » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:16 pm

Hey Guys,

ShepherdJoo here. I'm a long-time lurker of the forum and finally decided to post.

I'm in a dilemma right now, and would appreciate any advice.

I have a 3.85 from a Top 5 undergrad and a 163 on the September LSAT. I realize my LSAT isn't that great, but I was wondering what would my admission chances be at BC and BU with these current scores.

I've signed up for the December LSAT as well and am pretty confident I'll be able to raise my LSAT score even just by a few points.

The question is: should I apply to BU now or should I wait to submit my application until I have the December score? I don't want to wait too long to hurt my chances of getting in, but I do want to apply with the best score possible in order to maximize my scholarship options.

Thanks so much.


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Re: Admission Chances for 3.85/163 (thinking retake)

Postby icechicken » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:30 pm

1) It appears from MyLSN that you're basically a lock for both BC and BU, so it doesn't really matter.

2) If you apply now and get accepted, and then improve your LSAT score later, you can use the new score in negotiating scholarships. If you get into the high 160s they'll probably be willing to spend heavily to get you to matriculate.


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