Personal Statement Topic-- help!

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Personal Statement Topic-- help!

Postby doglawin » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:56 pm

TLSers!! (is that even a thing?)

I'm just beginning to write my PS, resumes, and just initiating the entire process! Unfortunately, I won't have a score until December, so let's not take that into consideration; I'd like some advise on choosing a PS topic. Here is some information about me so you can better help me:

-Low uGPA (2.8X), Grad May 2017, non-traditional
-Undergrad research assistant (research funded by federal agency)
-Strong softs
- WE prior to UG, and after UG I attained a job very relevant to my degree
-Hispanic (non-URM)
-Involvement in advocacy on, and now off campus

I'm having problems choosing a topic because I'm seeing discrepancies on other threads. There are a few people who advise splitters (or hopeful splitters like myself) to address their low GPA on their PS, where others, in contrast, advise people with my stats to take their PS and let it encompass their strengths. There is so much I'd like to write about! There are two topics which I keep going back to: my time as a waitress, and my experience spending time with orphaned children in South America, while I was a child myself.

Any and all advise is appreciated! :)

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