Recommendation letters, who and when to ask?

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Recommendation letters, who and when to ask?

Postby Moose29 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:57 pm

So I have a professor in mind right now who could write me a really good recommendation (has already written one and it was glowing, for an internship in DC). The only issue is he will graduate with his PHD this fall, so he technically taught me as a grad student. He also got a JD from WUSTL before starting his PHD program at my school (good public) if that makes any difference. Is it appropriate to ask him for a law school rec?

That leads me to my next question - I don't plan on applying to all schools until 2 falls from now (so 2 years, I graduate this spring), I want to take a few gap years and work abroad and save some money. My question is, can I ask him now for the rec, and then save it for 2 years, and use it at that time? Or should I ask in 2 years?

Any info would be appreciated!


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Re: Recommendation letters, who and when to ask?

Postby Mikey » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:19 pm

Sure, why not? if he can speak good about you, academically speaking, then there shouldn't be a problem with this.

Yes, you can use a LOR from now in 2 years, so just go ahead and get it now but make sure you tell him that you won't be applying right now.

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