Texas Law School Impressions

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Texas Law School Impressions

Postby Liberal Theory » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:52 pm

So I just got back from a graduate fair at my no-name university in Texas today. I spoke with all the law-school representatives that were present. For those who are considering Texas law schools and want to know more information about them, this thread is for you.

The schools that were represented were Baylor, Texas A&M, SMU, South Texas College of Law, and St. Mary's. I guess TT(T)U didn't show because they are on the other side of the state in relation to where I am. As for UH, I think they have enough problems on their plate right now and don't typically attract my school's demographic anyways. And I suppose UT doesn't need to recruit given their reputation, sadly. Anyways none of this information may be new and of course the most pressing information is found in their ABA disclosures but here's my perspectives on the school given my interviews today.

St. Mary's: Suspicion confirmed. The girl who was at the booth that I spoke with was underwhelming as was the brochure. I asked her what she liked about the school the most to start it off, she said she liked the classes the most because they were fun. I asked if they were hard and she said it was a lot like her undergraduate experience. That didn't give me good vibes. I then asked if she had a job or any offerings yet, she said she did not. I asked if she knew any of her classmates who did, she said no one does yet because they were waiting for their bar results to come back in. Needless to say, I was skeptical of this answer. I asked where most graduates go to work and what kind of work they wind up doing, she said that most people don't know yet where they want to go or what sort of law to practice. I asked what scholarships were like, and she didn't tell me anything you can't find out on the ABA report. Overall, I got the impression I was prepared for. They are a TTT at best and I would be anxious to go there to say the least.

South Texas College of Law: An improvement from the last interview, the woman who was there was a graduate from a few years ago and had a lot of confidence. I asked her the same questions mostly; like if she had a job or offer yet from anywhere or if she knew of anyone who did right after she graduated, she said she looked but decided to work for the school instead. Hmm. And as for her friends, all she said was that all of them who got interviewed landed a job. I asked what sort of work most people get into from there, she said most people wind up doing litigation. I asked what kind and she said insurance defense or criminal law. Take that for what you will.

Texas A&M: I got to the booth and they had two people there. The guy I talked to was a 2L with some social anxiety I guess, he seemed jittery and stuttered. Weird trait to have to want to be a lawyer. Anyways he asked me off the bat what sort of law I was interested in, I told him "whatever kind of law that pays I can get after I graduate, which is all I can really ask for in this economy." and he seemed disappointed in my response. He said he was into criminal law personally ranted for a bit about that, then I clarified that I too wanted to be a lawyer because all I ever knew was criminal litigation and it is what I have been exposing myself too ever since I was a teenager and that I had no ambitions to work for Jones Day. (Truth is I didn't lie, biglaw sounds awful. But a federal clerkship sounds great. But then again so does compliance as long as it pays.) I asked about the clinics (which sound great IMO) and he said that anyone who asks for one gets one, even if it isn't their first choice, which sounds fair to me. Then I asked what the "safe" gpa was to get a job offer there was, and he looked at me funny. I asked if he knew anyone who was struggling to find paying work and he said he did not. (The ABA report indicates that about 50 people least year were truly fucked, the others were okay at least.) I told him I assumed as long as you don't fall below median you would be fine, right? He responded to tell me all that matters is networking. (Which I hear is true to an extent. I don't know for sure, I'm just a junior.) That segued nicely for him to really hammer home the "aggie network" and that at Texas A&M they don't let their own fall through the cracks. That led me to ask if the "real" aggies at Bryan view the law school as legitimate or not, and he said he thought so. I asked what sort of colleges his peers came from, and it turned out he went to the same local university I do. Quite a few others as well, but also a lot of people from A&M undergrad too. I asked if he knew the most recent medians that aren't out yet, and he said that the LSAT is the same but the GPA rose a bit. I asked about finances and he told me that he was told that A&M is going to pump more money for scholarships next year and that they won't have stipulations this year or any future years from now either, as opposed to how it was in 2014. He also said they are going to add a new building to the school, which shocked me. Overall I liked what I heard, even if the guy seemed timid and they had no brochures.

Baylor: I got up to the booth and talked with the recruiter. He seemed very much...not what I would think when I think Baylor. He was bearded and looked more like the kind of guy I'd expect to see at Austin or Denton. Anyways I asked what he liked most about Baylor Law and he said that it was a big "family" and he really loves that. I asked about practice court, and he said it was harder than the studying or taking the Bar and even perhaps the hardest thing he has ever done in his life, but that now he is glad he did it and that he feels like a real lawyer; which is the usual response I hear. I asked if he had a job or any offers yet, and he said he is waiting for his Bar results and that it was "totally normal" and that most people don't get jobs until after they hear back on that. (Can anyone confirm if this is true?) I asked how successful scholarship negotiations are when asking for more, and he said he really wanted to tell me but could not because he works for admissions part time. He gave me their brochure and I thanked him and wished him luck. They had the nicest brochure of all. All though now I am skeptical of the reality as opposed to what their ABA reports say about employment outcomes.

SMU: Spoke with two recruiters there. They were both recent grads waiting on their Bar results and both were looking for real employment. The woman I spoke to their seemed like she was on the verge of breaking down from stress from something, which worries me. I asked if they knew anyone with jobs or offers yet and they both said they each know one person who got Biglaw but most people are still looking or waiting for their Bar results. I asked about their clinics and I got pretty generic responses, only that most people who ask get at least some clinic or internship and of course they highly recommend it. Other than that I was kinda disappointed they did not know even the upcoming new medians. The woman predicted that the LSAT would be the same and GPA was rising again. I asked if scholarships were going to increase to combat rising tuition and they said probably not. Overall I was surprised, they did not give me a good feeling despite their reputation.

If anyone goes to these schools I would love it if you could clarify if these perspectives are true or false. Or if anyone else has spoken with recruiters or visited the campus and gotten different feelings that would be appreciated too. Also if anyone has spoken/toured the other Texas schools I would like to know how it went. Thanks.


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Re: Texas Law School Impressions

Postby cavalier1138 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:56 pm


Ken Kesey

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Re: Texas Law School Impressions

Postby Ken Kesey » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:38 pm

Don't waste your time applying to any of those schools except SMU.

SMU is the only one that would be worth talking to if they give you money.

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Re: Texas Law School Impressions

Postby amta » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:41 pm

go to UT.

you're welcome.


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Re: Texas Law School Impressions

Postby GulfCoast82 » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:12 am

Thanks for posting your thoughts on the above mentioned schools, can agree with most people that I haven't heard much positive with these with the exception of SMU. I'm a junior at a school in Texas right now so I'm going through the whole research stage too, unfortunately our law fair isn't until the end of October

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Re: Texas Law School Impressions

Postby Roy McAvoy » Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:40 pm

You should consider that any recently graduated students who just took the bar and have job offers have already started working. They will not be attending law school fairs at random universities throughout Texas on behalf of the law school.

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