Academic Summary Report question

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Academic Summary Report question

Postby ddevich » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:14 pm

Hello all,

I recently had my transcripts processed through the CAS. I took a look at my Academic Summary Report and it had processed a total of 70 credit hours. That's all well and good, because it is the number of hours of classes that I have taken.

HOWEVER, I am going to graduate on time this June. I have a large number of credited classes based on military records and training that were granted to me by my online institution. These are obviously not graded, thus not included in the ASR. It is indicated in the ARS that I will graduate in 06/18, because that is what I added to the institution information on LSAC.

My question is this: Will law schools see the number of credits and assume that I will not graduate on time? Should I include some sort of addendum that specifically mentions that I will hold a bachelors before Fall 2018 classes start?

Any insight is appreciated.

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