Thoughts on a 4th Take?

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Thoughts on a 4th Take?

Postby mrtux45 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:51 pm

I've deposited to start school this fall but I'm considering a 4th retake this September instead. I'm going to take PT 75 this weekend before making a decision. I haven't touched an LSAT since a year ago so I doubt I'll remember anything. While I'm definitely leaning towards starting school, I know I under performed on the LSAT. Still, my diagnostic was mid 140s, I put like 8 months into prep, so idk how much I'd have left in the tank.

How should I interpret my upcoming score? My best real LSAT was 163, but I was scoring 165-168 before test day on the most recent PTs. I hit in the low 170s a handful of times. Is it fair to say that if I get 165+ I should consider buckling down for 2 months and rolling the dice? Also, I'm wondering if I were to register for September, would my school be notified of this via LSAC?

Just looking for some guidance

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