M.S. in Cyber Security Helpful?

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Slippin' Jimmy

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M.S. in Cyber Security Helpful?

Postby Slippin' Jimmy » Sat May 06, 2017 11:05 pm

Currently I am a rising senior who is planning to attend law school in fall 2018. I'm mainly gunning for T13 and have an interest in Big Law in both IP and Litigation (or maybe a combination of the 2). I'm currently a Political Science major with an Economics minor, and GPA is 3.80-3.85, LSAT to be taken in June. I also have been working on campus at my University's Technical Services department for a year and I expect to remain there through my senior year. I have the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant there after graduation, which would allow me to get a masters degree for free while working 25 hours a week.

Now, I'm dead set on going to law school and becoming a lawyer, but would getting an MS in Cyber Security increase my chances of getting into lawschool and/or working in IP law? What about an MBA with a concentration in information security management? My school is a regional private school (would probably be considered a TT/TTT undergrad) which gives me pause as to whether a masters degree from here would help me out all that much. I'm mainly leaning towards the K-JD route but this opportunity is an intriguing possibility.


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Re: M.S. in Cyber Security Helpful?

Postby guyindfw » Sat May 06, 2017 11:30 pm

If you want to get into IP, advanced science degree will help, getting through from political science to IP litigation is difficult IMO. Especially after the AIA changes.

A free masters is great, cyber security is a hot area. So you won't go wrong with it. I believe law schools will see your background with masters attractive imo.

Good luck.


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Re: M.S. in Cyber Security Helpful?

Postby haus » Sun May 07, 2017 1:22 am

I have worked in InfoSec for the last 13 years, and IT for a decade prior to making the move to InfoSec.

I hold a Masters in IT, I started down the path to this degree about 4 years into my career change to InfoSec. I had considered getting a degree in "Cybersecurity" but at the time the programs geared to security were not really well baked. It has gotten better since then, but many of these programs are still rather lame and are not perceived as credible by those who work in the field.

I do think that there are some interesting possibilities, which is why I am in law school now. My question to you is how much interest do you have in this area, and do you think that it is enough to sustain you as you make your way through the degree?

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