Baylor (48k/57k) vs. UH (8K/31K)

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Baylor (48k/57k) vs. UH (8K/31K)

Postby Sarahreed4522 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:33 pm

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So I applied to SMU, Baylor, UH, A&M On deadline. Waiting on SMU, but I really want to go to UH ideally bc my fiancé would be able to attend with me. However UH only gave me 8K a year, so I'd pay 23 a year, but not Cody of living bc my fiancé's family has a guest house we can live in. Baylor gave me 48K, so I'd pay around 10K in tuition and around 7K in housing. I'm not calculating food and stuff bc it'd be the same regardless, although Houston may be a little less bc the guest house is next to his families house so we may eat there. Anyways, so Baylor would be cheaper, and I'm not looking to do corporate law at all. I want to do immigration law and Both schools fit that need. But literally almost everyone on here is like don't go to Baylor, just don't do it. But bc the type of work I'm looking to be doing is not going to make me much money (the people I want to help won't be able to pay me) I really do want to shave off as much debt as possible.

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