Reapplying With Same Numbers (maxed out takes)

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Reapplying With Same Numbers (maxed out takes)

Postby champagnepapi » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:24 pm

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Re: Reapplying With Same Numbers (maxed out takes)

Postby Moneytrees » Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:44 pm

champagnepapi wrote:i applied this cycle with a 3.6x and 169 (maxed out my takes), and a couple years of work experience. i applied day 1 and my cycle went really well, i was accepted to the bottom half-ish of the T14 and i would very gladly attend several of the schools to which i've been accepted.

however, for financial and personal reasons (SO), i am pretty committed to the idea of not attending this fall, and am considering deferring vs reapplying. i have the opportunity to stay at my job which i enjoy, and save more money for school.

i'm cognizant of the fact that my priorities/what i want out of a school may look different this time next year, so am hesitant to commit to a particular school in a different part of the country. reapplying would give me the opportunity to apply to schools in my area. i didn't do this when originally applying, but now that my SO and i are more serious, this is a major consideration for me (moving is not an option for him).

i would write a new PS (potentially school-specific since i've been able to visit several ASWs and have a better sense of the schools), would have another year of WE and potentially a small promotion in my title, and i would apply day 1 again. i can also pretty easily explain the decision to reapply in a brief addendum if necessary, but otherwise, the numbers will be the same.

does anyone have any experience reapplying without big improvements to your application? should i expect the same results if i were to reapply, or should i expect to be disadvantaged as a reapplicant? anything else i can do to mitigate this?

any advice would be appreciated!!

I was in the same situation. Re-applied to law schools with the same numbers and was accepted again with roughly the same scholarships as the year before.

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