Military Reserve affect chances?

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Military Reserve affect chances?

Postby sval_ » Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:04 pm

New to the forum, but y'all seem to be immensely helpful to one another. How big a factor is military affiliation in law school admissions? I'm an URM (twice over probably). My GPA is not where it needs to be, neither are my softs, but I'm studying for the LSAT at the moment. I'm also kinda poor. Well, not kinda. So, I'm thinking about joining a branch of the military reserve to help cover some of the COA. I don't mind joining; I've always thought about it. Is it worth it? Does anyone have any experience with this (attending law school while in the reserves)?
And outside of the pay/benefits, is there any bump to speak of for being in the military?

Any experience/thoughts/opinions/anedoctal evidence is greatly appreciated; this is something I'm wrestling with atm.


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