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Postby theoptimist17 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:15 am

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Re: Urgent LOR Question

Postby cavalier1138 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:38 am

You can submit an application before all the required LORs are in, but it won't be considered complete by the school until you have the minimum number asked for.

However, consider this divine providence, because by posting here, you've made sure that someone is going to stop you from applying to Cornell ED. It's a dumb decision. It will not increase your chances at admission, but it will guarantee that if you do get in, you won't get any scholarship funding. Don't do it.


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Re: Urgent LOR Question

Postby ponderingmeerkat » Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:31 am

Cavalier is wise Optimist. You should listen very closely to what he's saying.

Applying ED to Cornell is the equivalent of "selling your birthright for a bowl of soup". Just...don't.

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