What are my most realistic options for a pre-law student in Texas

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What are my most realistic options for a pre-law student in Texas

Postby OlegPerry97 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:33 pm

I've calculated my GPA (as will be measured by LSDAS) and it rounds to 3.3 (3.27 to be exact). I started out as a Biology Major and switched to Historical Studies with a minor in Political Science once I figured out I wanted to go to law school (and a few failed classes in Organic Chemistry and Calculus). I have NOT taken my lSAT yet but I'm scoring in the upper 160's so figure a mid-160 will be the case for me on the real thing, however I'm still putting a lot of work in and hope to get into the 170's. I have a good amount of work experience in different areas such as front desk in a dental office and have recently scored an internship with a law firm. I have a few letters of recommendations from previous professors and a few examples of some papers I've written. I have yet to write my personal statement but not sure how much that truly helps an application. Anyways would just like some general feedback on my most realistic options living in Texas.

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Re: What are my most realistic options for a pre-law student in Texas

Postby QuentonCassidy » Tue Dec 27, 2016 1:15 pm

If you are set on going the law school route, I would focus on studying for the LSAT for as long as you need in order to get the highest possible score. You will be able to get in to UT if you break 170, and the higher you get the better scholly options you will have. It would help to know more about your goals (biglaw, public interest, other), but since (it seems?) that you want to stay in Texas after law school going to UT on in-state tuition with potentially some scholarship (I'm not familiar with splitter scholarship chances, maybe someone else could help you out) isn't a bad option. Honestly, in Texas, UT is more well-respected (and thus probably places better) than some of the T14.

Obligatory recommendation to take some time off and work before going to LS if you are KJD (currently in undergrad)

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