Apply in February

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Apply in February

Postby super12345chess » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:36 pm

Dear All,

I'm considering applying to law school in February after the February LSAT, but am not sure whether I should hold off and wait until the next cycle.

I'm only interested in doing public interest law, probably labor law but possibly environmental law. I could also see pursuing some sort of less conventional path (electoral politics) but I'll cross that bridge when it comes.

I have not yet taken the LSAT. I've done 3 practice tests and have gone up 166-167-168. I have not done any other study for the LSAT. I can dedicate half of December and all of January to LSAT prep. My weakest category is the logic games which I expect to be able to make good progress on.

I'm a senior in college with a 4.0 GPA from a well-regarded liberal arts college, majoring in a social science (not economics). Softs aren't terrible but are probably below average given that I'd be KJD if I apply now. Non-URM.

It seems like there are a series of questions that I need to answer.

1. Would I be able to get my LSAT score up to the mid 170's by the February test? If no, this whole question is moot.

2. Should I be looking at going to HYS, or for a full scholarship at CCN? I'm debt averse, and my instinct is to look for a full scholarship at a top school, but if HYS makes sense given my interests I'd be willing to take out the loans.

3. If I do apply with a February LSAT, assuming it's in the mid-high 170's, would I have good chances of getting into Yale? What about a Rubenstein at Chicago? Hamilton at Columbia?

The other option is to work for a union after I graduate and apply next cycle early on, with more time for the LSAT and a better application narrative. I'm leaning towards doing that, but if we think that in either case I'll get into the same schools with the same financial options, I'd prefer to apply this cycle. For example, if it makes the most sense for me to go to Yale, and I can get into Yale this cycle, I'd prefer to do that.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!


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Re: Apply in February

Postby BobBoblaw » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:45 pm

February LSAT might be too late for many of the T14. Note that their deadlines are when you must have your application COMPLETE, so if February scores arent reported for nearly a month after the test, you will not have your file complete on time.

With that GPA and PTing as you are, just wait out this cycle and do it right next time, getting your apps in early. Even if you did manage to squeak into some T14s, scholarship $ will be less likely because of how late you are applying.

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Re: Apply in February

Postby Mullens » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:59 pm

Your best bet, especially for scholarships, is to wait until next year to apply. You're behind the ball and will probably miss the application deadlines as several schools.

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