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LOR Question

Postby Frump367 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:53 pm

During my undergrad I worked for a number of years at my student radio station which related to my major of Broadcast Journalism. I started as a volunteer and rose through the ranks to several positions that paid academic stipends eventually becoming the Station Manager. The school assigned a professor to oversee that station and I worked with him VERY closely for all of those years. However, I never took a single one of his actual classes.

So my question is: Can he count as an Academic LOR? I understand that these are very important and he is an excellent place to write a very personal letter for me. In fact, he already has and it's without a doubt the best letter that I have in terms of really describing my abilities.

Considering that he can't attest to any of my grades (at least first-hand) nor can he describe me in the classroom - is this considered more of a professional LOR? Or is it still considered academic since he is a professor and I worked with him in a capacity of furthering my studies through an extra-curricular activity?

It might be worth noting the breakdown of my 3 letters:
1. Professor who I took three courses from.
2. Boss from job I've held for 5 years since graduating UG.
3. The guy described above.

Thanks for your help!

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