Addendum after application?

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Addendum after application?

Postby judgeandjury » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:25 am

Hi, so I just sent applications to my choice law schools: Georgetown and Vanderbilt, as well as University of Pennsylvania, which is a long shot for me. But as I was about to apply to another long shot, Stanford, I noticed the instructions said something along the lines of considering all your LSAT scores. So I started Googling and discovered this tends to be a trend at top schools, and Georgetown also considers all your LSAT takes for evaluation purposes. I took the test three times and scored a 161, 163, and 166. So, now I feel like, I should have submitted an addendum explaining why I did poorly the first two times. The first being, I got a new job and was in the midst of learning an entirely new system for work before my 161, and the second time, I was on track, doing well and then the French terror attacks happened (I'm a journalist) and I pulled in a crap ton of overtime for our rolling coverage (international news station). So do you guys think I should send an addendum explaining that, even though I submitted my applications last week. My stats are: 166-LSAT/AA Female/1stGen College/GPA 3.67. Thanks for the help!


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Re: Addendum after application?

Postby cavalier1138 » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:49 am

There are no real reasons to submit an LSAT addendum. Your scores certainly don't merit one.


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Re: Addendum after application?

Postby echonov » Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:01 pm

Nope -- you're fine without one. Your score differential isn't substantial enough to call for one -- they're usually used for cases with a massive difference (158 vs. 170, for example) or when something happened that would indicate your score was truly not representative of your abilities (I saw someone write one because they had a concussion during their first test). Your scores are all close enough that adcoms won't think twice.

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