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Postby Asterismos » Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:14 am

So, without going into too much specifics, I basically go to one of the most infamous party schools in the country, and in the past few years, some ridiculous things have happened (i.e. SWAT teams being called in to our college town to try to stop a big annual party) - which means that the town/university has brought in hoards of policemen to try to discourage partying and end the reputation.

Which also means that they genuinely, with no exaggeration, give out Minor in Possession's and Public Intoxication tickets like free candy. Out of everyone I know at our school, there's less than ten people I can personally count who have NOT received one or both of these tickets, among others (noise ordinance violations, etc), that's been the result of the university trying to crack down. This also means that even if you do something like sit down on the curb because you're too drunk, you'll probably end up with a public intoxication ticket.

I received an MIP last year, which the judge makes us do an aversion program for, and then the courts lower the offense into an infraction labeled as 'disturbing the peace.'

The real issue is: I recently got a DIP as well this year, as I was walking home alone from a party and was stumbling. I spent the night in the 'drunk tank' that everyone at our school has become so well acquainted with, fingerprinted, and released. The DA reviewed the case, did not file it with the courts (so I don't even have to show up to court on the date they initially assigned), and sent it straight to just another diversion program, after which a lawyer I consulted told me it may show up as something that was charged, but then dropped/not convicted.

Compounding the issue x100 is the fact that I'm a splitter with a low GPA and high LSAT, mostly due to the undiagnosed ADHD that I was recently tested for and began seeing a psychiatrist for (my subsequent grades were all A's). Lmao so I'm really not some out-of-control drunk with alcohol issues that spiraled me into slacking off or anything (the exact opposite personality actually), but to be honest that's what this application seems to read like.

(But I'm being pretty serious about how frequent and common these tickets are - when I went to court for my MIP last year, there were over twenty of us there for the exact same ticket, and a lawyer consulted us /in a group/ and then the judge addressed us /as a whole/, because that's how many they're giving out every other day - it's quite literally just a tactic to get our school to stop partying.)

?? Is this going to seriously impede my already shaky admissions prospects? On some level the above mentioned fact is so extreme that I can't help but to hope that adcomms must also be aware of this lol and maybe recognize that I actually really don't have some alcoholism issue going on

/ sorry this was a bit longer than necessary but I felt like I should explain the odd circumstances

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Re: C&F?

Postby sweets91 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:58 am

Surf through this forum and read the responses to posts about C&F issues and you'll see a common thread: Take responsibility, how you grew/learned, and then hope for the best.

In other words, I don't think this will kill your chances, just make sure not to give this long, drawn-out excuse to adcomm

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Re: C&F?

Postby bmathers » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:17 pm

Honestly, these minor alcohol offenses don't seem to matter much. They have no barring on taking the bar (no pun intended). I had two underages (summary offenses) and 1 furnishing alcohol to minor (misdemeanor) and still got into a respectable regional school with a full ride, when I was only at their median LSAT.

Every attorney who I talked to about these c&f issues told me not to worry and that it shouldn't have an impact

Just disclose them and take responsibility, short and sweet, no excuses. Also, if it was a few years ago, mention the time gap without being fined or arrested and how you have grown up from these adolescent indiscretions since then. Distance yourself from it all.

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