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Acceptance Timeline

Postby kpadoreo » Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:15 am

Hey all,

I am applying to both American and Canadian schools (dual citizen) and wondering about the timeline of offers/acceptance. I know that for U of T in Canada they say they need a decision by April 1, whether or not to take their offer, but that some US schools might take longer to get back to me. I'm writing the LSAT in December and will submit most of my applications as soon as I have my score. If schools accept me, will they want an answer right away? Or will I be able to wait to hear back from other schools? Do I have to give a deposit if I accept their offers? And is it possible to tell one school yes and then renege on that later if a better school admits me?
I also would like to know how long one usually has to do this, as I probably won't be able to visit all schools before April, and might want to go visit for a weekend before deciding. Will I have a few weeks to do this? Or will the timing be especially tight?

Thanks for the info!!

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