Graduate School Academic Probabtion - C&F Question

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Graduate School Academic Probabtion - C&F Question

Postby Frump367 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:41 pm

I entered a Masters program in my undergraduate field immediately upon getting my Bachelors. Unfortunately, a combination of immaturity and a personal tragedy at the time forced me into a deep depression that lasted over a year. During that time I failed to go to class, and since it was not possible at the time to withdraw from school, I received a transcript of pure F's and was placed on academic probation.

This was six years ago and I'm technically still on academic probation at that school since I never applied for reinstatement - it simply wasn't a priority at that stage in my life, regrettably. I've since completely recovered from my depression and have spent the last six years working a full-time position. I firmly believe that that stage of my life was an outlier not reflective of my overall character and academic ability as my undergraduate transcripts would show. However, I'm worried about the following issues:

1. I realize that most school's application have a C&F question related to ever being placed on academic probation. Clearly, I would need to answer 'yes' to this and write and addenda explaining the above. But, does it matter that I'm STILL on that probation technically?

2. As I understand it, your GPA for a graduate degree has no substantial bearing on law school admissions (just your undergrad), but do I still need to disclose those graduate transcripts? Will the fact that they're so bad cause substantial damage to my application?

3. Even if the rest of my app is strong, how badly did this damage my chances at acceptance? I realize that each school is different.

Thanks for everyone's help!

TL;DR: Flunked out of graduate school due to depression. Placed on academic probation. How bad did I fuck up?


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Re: Graduate School Academic Probabtion - C&F Question

Postby Rigo » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:13 pm

1) You dropped out of school six years ago with no intention of going back. Your academic probation is not the C&F issue they're looking for (they're looking for plagiarism, cheating, etc). You still have to answer yes and explain but it's not the kind of academic probation that is a deal breaker.

2) 100% submit your grad transcripts to LSAC. If you don't, it will become a C&F issue when you're applying for the bar.

3) I don't think it will damage your chances since it was so long ago and you've shown growth and maturity since then. There is unfortunately a stigma attached to depression (especially for someone wanting to enter the legal field), but I think the six years will hopefully lessen the impact of that. Just address it succinctly and tactfully.

Overall it isn't a horrible fuck up for the purposes of admission. Good luck.

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