Taking Time Off Before Law School

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Taking Time Off Before Law School

Postby YBF-W » Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:51 am

I've often heard that taking time off before law school can be hugely beneficial. I recently attended a Harvard Law Information Session and the admissions guy mentioned that 60%+ of their incoming students had taken a year or more off before coming to law school. I have many questions, especially for those who have taken time off and are thinking of applying, currently applying to law school, graduated law school, or ultimately decided not to go to law school.

As for me, I think taking a couple gap years is the right move. Since beginning college, I've been planning towards law school, but I'd love the chance to study longer for the LSAT, save money, travel, work in a professional setting, cultivate my professional network, date meaningfully (lol), entertain my various interests (and see if practicing law remains my primary professional goal), and simply be free from the academic environment for two or so years. Abstractly, I can see the value all these things will have down the road. However, I'd like to know what those who have experienced this already have to say.

What did you do with your time off? How much time did you take off?
What drove you to take time off?
What intangible benefits did taking time off provide? (ex: confidence, communication skills, time-management etc)
How were you able to communicate yourself as a better (perhaps more mature) candidate to admissions?
How did your gap year(s) experiences help you in or after law school?
What were some challenges experienced in the process? Corresponding take-aways? (For me, it's been hard relaying uncertain gap year plans to relatives)
How important was it for you to save money?
What advice do you have for individuals considering taking time off?
Do you think some experiences have more of a benefit than others? (not considering being a couch potato/leisure traveling the entire time)

Thanks all!

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Re: Taking Time Off Before Law School

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:16 am

No duplicate threads, please. I think the other forum is a slightly better so I'm locking this one.

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